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Check ESTA Status Ireland

Check ESTA Status Ireland – Verify Application Status

You can do an Check ESTA Status Ireland right here by clicking on the green button to verify your applicationstatus. Applying to travel under the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (a necessary stepto use theUnited States Visa Waiver Program) is simple, but it’s important to pay close attentionto the details of the program, your citizenship information, and your travel plans to ensure yourapplication is successful.

Irish Citizens can check ESTA Status Ireland

If you applied for travel authorisation the last time you visited the United States of America, there is a high chance that you already obtained an ESTA Visa Ireland to USA. The ESTA is valid for two years and can be re-used for multiple entries to the United States. We advise travellers to not travel in and out of the US too frequently. The reason is that it might raise suspicion that you are doing more than merely travelling for tourism. The se visits are commonly known as “visa-runs,” which, as stated above, we advise against. Are you planning to revisit the United States of America again within the 2-year time frame, and are unsure if your ESTA Visa Ireland is still valid or has expired? Or have you lost your ESTA number? There is a quick and easy way to do an check ESTA Status Ireland online to verify the application status for yourself and everyone in your travel group. We recommend all travellers to verify their application status weeks or months ahead of their trip to the United States. As of December 2018, approvals of ESTAs may take up to 72 hours to be finalised. You may check your ESTA status Ireland right here by clicking the green button.

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How do I check the status of my ESTA application?

In order for us to check your ESTA status, you need to click the green button and duly fill in our verification form. The information we need from you to verify your ESTA status:

  • Last name (as in passport)
  • First name (as in passport)
  • Date of birth
  • What country are you a citizen of?
  • What country issued your passport?
  • What is your passport number?
  • Email address

When you provide us with all of the above information, we are able to check ESTA status Ireland and email you the current status. If you have already booked your trip, you can also fill in the part about “your address in the US”. The email that we send you contains a PDF that states your USA Travel ESTA expiration date. If your ESTA is still valid you can use it until the expiration date has been reached. However, if any of the following applies to you, you must apply for a new ESTA:

  • You have obtained a new passport
  • You have changed your name
  • You have changed your gender
  • You have changed your country of citizenship
  • You have changed the country where you live
  • You have changed your response to any of the eight mandatory questions you answered when applying

How to check ESTA status Ireland

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization will usually return an Application Status within 72 hours. To verify your status, however, you will need to go to the ESTA website. Click “Check Existing Applications” on the ESTA homepage. Next, enter your passport number and birth date. If you don’t have or cannot locate your application number, click “I don’t remember the Application Number”. Next, enter your passport number as well as your country of citizenship. Three possible answers are available to electronic travel authorisation requests:

Authorization Approved

Your travel authorisation has been approved. Now you are authorised to travel to the United States via the Visa Waiver Program. You will receive confirmation that your application has been approved and a payment receipt notice detailing the amount charged to your credit card. A travel authorisation does not guarantee admission to the United States. The final decision will be made by the Customs and Border Protection officer at entry point.

Travel Not Authorized

Visa Waiver Program is not a visa waiver program that allows you to travel to the United States. You may be granted a visa by the Department of State. For more information on applying for visas, please visit the Website of the US Department of State. However, this does not mean you will be denied entry to the United States. You can still travel to the United States with Visa Waiver Program. The system also displays a payment receipt notice. This notice shows you the amount charged to your credit card to process the ESTA request.

Authorization Pending

We are currently reviewing your request for travel authorisation because it has not been processed immediately. However, this does not necessarily mean there are negative findings. A determination usually takes 72 hours. You can return to this website by clicking on “Check ESTA status Ireland.” Here you can check the status of your application.

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FAQ regarding applying for ESTA Ireland

You can correct or change any information you need before submitting your application. You must update all application data, except the passport number, passport issuing country, country of citizenship and date of birth, before you submit an application. If you submit your application without the correct information, we cannot help you. Applicants who make mistakes in their biographical or passport details will need to submit a new application. As you start a new application, you will need to pay the ESTA fee once again. You should not make any errors when filling out the application.

Travel authorisations are valid for two years or until your passport expires. The Authorization Approved screen displays your expiration date.

Your ESTA authorisation is valid for multiple trips within a 2-year period. This starts from the date that you were approved or ends when your passport expires. To travel, you don’t need to reapply for ESTA authorisations.

If your ESTA expires within the U.S., your departure will not be affected

Notification: It is recommended that you print a copy of the document to keep for your records. It is already electronically accessible to the officers.

ESTA authorisation does not mean you can stay permanently in the U.S. for longer than two years. This authorisation permits you to travel to America under the Visa Waiver Program, which allows you to stay for a maximum of 90 days. If you plan to stay for more than 90 days, you must apply at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Travel authorisation is required if you obtain a new passport or change your name and gender. If you have changed the answer to one of your VWP eligibility questions, this authorisation is required. A new ESTA fee will be charged for each new application.

We recommend that you apply for ESTA as soon as you book your travel, but no later than 72 hours before your flight.