Travelling With Children (From Dublin Airport To The U.S.)

Published on 2019-04-09
Airplane children travel

Travelling abroad is no problem for adults, but if you have children, there are more considerations. Besides wondering how to entertain your child on the extended flight, there are other things you need to consider like, what you will do with your buggy and or with a car seat. Do I check these items? What about feeding my baby? Am I allowed to take his/her bottles and food on the flight? When choosing an international trip from Ireland to the United States via Dublin Airport, there are rules and regulations, as with an adult passenger. Due to heightened security regulations, many of the same rules applying to adults apply to children who travel.


Carrying liquids on a flight

All of the same rules apply for adults apply to children. If you nourish your child with baby bottles or baby food and you will be taking a long flight, these items can be carried on. However, most liquids must be checked with your luggage and are not allowed on the plane. Baby bottles, baby food, and medications are exceptions if they are necessary during your flight. These items can be placed in your carry-on luggage. However, as with all other things, they will need to be put through the x-ray machine.


X-ray Machine Scanning

EVERYTHING you take onto a plane must go through the x-ray machine during the check-in process, including your child’s blanket, toys, formula, baby food and yes, even their baby buggy and car seat. You should collapse (if applicable) these items and place them on the belt along with all other things you are carrying aboard. If the buggy has baskets, bags or any other attached items they need to be detached and placed into one of the bins for x-ray inspection. There are no exceptions to this rule. Dublin Airport does offer an excellent service called the “Stork Exchange.” If you prefer not to bring your buggy or car seat with you on the flight, you can rent these items in Terminals 1 and 2 and even take them to your parked car if necessary. If you are bringing a car seat to use on the flight, please allow flight staff to help you buckle in this item. Flight personnel has been trained to assure your child has the safest ride possible.


Metal Detectors

Every person boarding a plane, regardless of age, must pass through the metal detector before boarding. If your child can walk, you can hold his/her hand while you walk through the sensor. Of course, if your child is too small and you need to carry him/her, you can walk with your baby in your arms through the detector when you make your walkthrough. This small gesture protects everyone who is boarding the plane, so please follow all rules without complaint.

Being able to take your child with you on your vacation to the United States is lovely! For the guaranteed safety of both you and other passengers on your flight, please make sure you allow yourself extra time to get both yourself and your child processed before boarding your flight. Know the rules, regulations, and requirements regarding children before leaving for your trip, ensuring a more relaxed check-in process once you get to the airport. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!



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