Travel Insurance For Citizens Of Ireland

Published on 2019-05-02
Travel Insurance: Plane & Hand

Travelling for business or pleasure, although mostly enjoyable, can be a bit stressful. There are so many things to do and consider before travelling. Where am I going to stay while on my trip? Do I need a rental car? What is the weather like where I’m going? How much money should I take? Do I need to convert my currency? The list goes on. But, something many of us don’t often think of, something that can potentially end up saving thousands of dollars in unforeseen circumstances, is travel insurance. Purchasing a travel policy can take a huge burden off our shoulders should something unexpected happen before or during a trip.

Obtaining travel insurance before leaving your home country is a smart move. What if you need to cancel your flight due to a family emergency? Or, what if you become ill before leaving for your trip? What if your flight is delayed, or even canceled? Without travel insurance, you may just have to say goodbye to the thousands you’re spending for the dream vacation you’ve scrimped and saved for.

Choosing The Right Type

Travel insurance also covers issues we don’t always think about and of course, never hope will occur, such as accidents and illness. However, as travellers, we should be realistic and protect ourselves and others who may be travelling with us. With the right insurance, a traveller can rest assured many issues that could occur will be covered financially and put a traveller’s mind at ease. For a nominal fee, you can enjoy your dream vacation and take one less worry off your shoulders. Issues such as illness and potential hospitalizations, accidents in a rental car, stolen items, trip cancellations or delays may all have coverage with the right policy.

Of course, there are many insurance companies offering travel insurance and it may be a little overwhelming to know where to begin. A good starting point is to list your insurance needs before even starting the search process. Some questions to consider: Are you travelling alone or with family and need coverage for everyone? Are you travelling to multiple locations? Are you taking an extended trip (more than 30 days)? Is this a business trip? A backpacking trip? Will you be involved in any winter sports? These are all things to consider while searching for insurance. 


Are There Any Insurance Companies Suited For the Irish?

As a citizen of Ireland, there are many sites available for your search. One website you may want to look at is Aviva. Aviva offers online quotes covering many different types of travel, including individual, family and business travel. The site is very user-friendly and doesn’t require explanation. Globelink International is another good website geared for residents of Ireland. It is reasonably easy to use, and you can expect to get a quote almost instantly.

Purchasing an insurance policy for possible unforeseen circumstances is a great idea. No-one wants to be surprised by unexpected costs. Of course, the hope is you will never have to use the insurance. But, as the saying goes, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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