Ways To Travel Across The U.S. Without Flying

Published on 2019-04-25
US Amtrak train

The United States is a vast country with so much to offer travellers. With everything from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the rugged natural beauty of some of the country's stunning National Parks, the US is a must for everyone's bucket lists.

As the country is so large, travelling between cities and states can be time-consuming. If you're on a short time frame or have an unlimited budget, then you may want to fly between states. If, however, you have plenty of time on your hands, you want to stick to a lower budget, or if you're trying to lessen your impact on the planet, you may want to find alternative routes to travel around the country. Thankfully, the United States has some decent public transport options and is great for road trips, so there are other options! Here I'll talk through how you travel in the US without flying so you can start planning your next trip.




The famous Greyhound buses in America are one of the best ways to get around the country, particularly if you're travelling on a budget. These buses criss-cross the States, stopping off in a plethora of towns and cities along the way. While Greyhounds aren't known to be the most comfortable mode of transport, they do allow you to watch the world go by as you make your way from state to state. This really gives you a sense of journey while you travel and you're likely to meet locals and travellers along the way who will really add to your adventure.


Trains in the United States aren't one of the most common forms of travel, but this isn't to say that they are non-existent. The Amtrak train system passes through American hotspots like Chicago, New Orleans, and Houston so you can certainly add some train travel to your trip across the States. If you've travelled across Europe or Japan by train you may be used to high-speed services, but Amtrak offers a slower pace. You can use this to your advantage though by sighting through the large windows and enjoying the view.  


Great American road trips are on many people's bucket lists with a vision of cruising down on Route 66 in a Mustang or Cadillac in people's dreams. And this dream is accessible as driving in America is a common method of travel. The road system is easy to understand, and with long, wide roads you'll find driving a breeze. There are loads of motels and old school guest houses along every major route, and these bed and breakfasts will truly make for a fun American adventure. Make sure you stop off to enjoy a roadside diner breakfast of pancakes and coffee too!


If you really want to boycott flights you can even opt for a cruise from the US to the Ireland allowing you to extend your holiday as you make your way across the pond!



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