The United States Embassy in Ireland, Dublin

Published on 2019-03-10
Ireland - Dublin Bridge

With its official address at 42 Elgin Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, The Embassy of the United States of America is the U.S. diplomatic mission to the host country of Ireland.

The purpose of the embassy is to provide a broad mix of services to the public and performs other government functions through its various offices which includes: Citizen Services, Consular Section (Visa), Commercial Service, Press/Public Affairs Section, Information Resource Center, Agriculture Section, Political and Economic Section, Management Section and so on.

The head of operations, chargé d'affaires, the chief representative of the U.S government and her people to the Republic of Ireland is the U.S Ambassador in the person of Reece Smyth at the time of writing this post.

U.S Embassy Ireland - a little bit on the Chancery

The property was designed by John Johansen, an American architect with help from Michael Scott, an Irish architect and was constructed between 1964 -1964. Displaying a mix of modern representation of early Celtic buildings and contemporary designs with Irish and American influence, the circular complex has five floors and a sixth albeit smaller story on the roof.

Access and security at the Embassy

As with most American assets abroad, security is a priority at the American Embassy in Ireland. The Irish national police - the Garda Síochána, is charged with the protection of the complex, the U.S Ambassador to Ireland, and other notable diplomats.

While the armed Bureau of Diplomatic Security of the United States Department of State and the United States Marine Corps Embassy Security Group is responsible for security within the embassy.

Secure entrances, reflective windows, perimeter security, guardhouses and blast walls are some security features that characterize the embassy complex.

Because Storage facilities are not available, electronic devices, backpacks, suitcases and packages are not allowed so make sure you don’t carry any of this when visiting the embassy grounds for business.

Duties and Functions of the U.S Embassy Ireland

If you’re an American citizen or an intended traveller to the United States, the consular office is on hand to attend to your Visa needs in addition to providing relevant immigration related information, protective services, Notarial services, Veterans assistance, and US Passport processing etc.

Please note that Notarial services at the Embassy of the U.S in Dublin is based on appointment, so do well to schedule one before visiting to have your documents notarized.

Wondering how children born to American parents in Ireland are registered? The Citizen Services office handles all birth registration and all other citizenship functions in addition to helping Americans in Ireland with relevant guides and information as needed.


The embassy is open for business from 9AM to 5PM every day of the week, except Saturday and Sunday which are non-working days.

You can get in touch with embassy staff via telephone or email. Visit the official embassy website to learn how to contact the U.S. embassy (for example if you need visa related information or you are an American citizen in need of emergency assistance).



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