The Travelling Irish Passport: Things To Know About Travel From Ireland To The US

Published on 2019-04-26
Irish passport

Everyone has a cousin in Boston, right? And everyone knows that Disneyworld is where the craic happens in the United States.

Major ports and attractions in the United States are clichés by now. But we keep coming back for more.

But if you're traveling to the United States for the first time you may not know exactly what you need. Do you need a visa? Is my Irish Passport sufficient? What can you take through customs?

Well, we've got the goods on travel to the United States. Keep reading to find out. 




  1. Irish Passport Requirements

If you've travelled to Europe, you likely already have a passport. While Ireland is part of the EU, they haven't abolished borders like the 26 countries in the Schengen area

If you've not travelled outside of the UK or Ireland, you'll have to apply for a passport. This means applying at least six weeks before you travel. You don't want to procrastinate on this and miss your opportunity to travel.

You can ut the Passport Express service if you have an emergency and need it within three weeks. And you can schedule a face-to-face appointment if you need it in less than three weeks. 

Make sure that your passport is current and won't expire before you leave the United States. You may have a hard time getting home if your passport expires while you're there.

But fortunately renewing your passport is easy. It only takes two weeks and you can do it online. All you have to pay is postage!

  1. Apply for an ESTA 72 Hours Ahead

This is not a visa. We repeat, "this is NOT a visa." We'll cover visas here in a bit.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is a system designed to weed out people dangerous to the United States. It became mandatory in 2009.

We'd recommend you do this before you book your flight. More than likely you're fine to travel to the United States if you've not colluded with I.S. or some terrorist organization. But it would be a shame to buy tickets and not be able to travel.

Remember, just as a Visa is not a guarantee for entry, neither is an ESTA approval. You must jump through all the hoops before getting to the United States.

  1. Visa Requirements for Entry to the United States

If you're only going to be in the United States for 90 days or less, you don't have to get a visa to enter the United States. You do have to apply for the Visa Waiver Program.

The ESTA is essentially how the U.S. determines eligibility for citizens in Visa Waiver countries. 

If you're going to be in the United States for much longer, you must apply for a Visa.

  1. Advanced Passenger Information

This is something required to fly to the United States. It's to ensure aviation safety and security.

This is compulsory. You must give your name, gender, date of birth, passport number, nationality, country of origin, passport date expiration, country of residence, and address where you're staying the U.S.

Now You're Ready

Travel to the United States is easier than most countries. You'll quickly have all of this done, including your Irish passport, and be on your way to Disneyworld.



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