Navigating Dublin Airport As A U.S.-Bound Traveller

Published on 2019-04-10
Airplane at Airport

When planning a trip from Ireland to the US, it’s important to know your way around Dublin Airport to avoid inconvenience and delays. Flight information isn’t enough, and you need to find out exactly where to go for check-in and boarding in advance so that you don’t wander about asking for directions at the last minute. Here are a few things you should know about Dublin Airport.

General Information

Dublin Airport has been expanded several times since it was first inaugurated in 1940, and today it is capable of handling over 30 million passengers each year. With new airlines and destinations constantly being added to its list, this place has become the 11th largest airport in Europe. Its location is just 10 kilometers from the heart of Dublin City and can be easily accessed by bus, car, and taxi.

There are several bus and coach services that will shuttle you to the airport. If someone will be dropping you off by car, there are zones allocated for this in front of both Terminal 1 and 2 Departures. You can also opt for long-term parking which is available through advance bookings.

Online and self-service check-ins are offered to departing passengers for some airlines, but you will need to go through standard security screenings, so make sure you arrive with enough time for this.

Dublin Airport also offers a laudable Important Flyer initiative to assist autistic passengers in navigating the airport. Not only do they help passengers in noisy and crowded areas, but they also provide tours for those who are apprehensive and feeling fearful of the journey ahead.

The majority of airlines from all over the world arrive at and depart from Terminal 1, but none of them are headed to the United States.

Terminal 2

This modern structural wonder is a relatively recent addition to Dublin Airport, and you’ll want to spend some time exploring this stunning facility before you go. Owing to the connection to Terminal 1 from both airside and landside, it is extremely convenient for transfer passengers to reach the boarding gates easily and quickly. T2 has its own long term and short term car parking spaces. All Europe and USA bound flights are boarded from this terminal.

The center of Terminal 2 is occupied by one of Ireland’s most well-known works of art, the Turning Point by Isabel Nolan. There are various restaurants and shops spread over a space of 9000 square meters. There are enough check-in desks, departure gates, and US immigration desks to accommodate a large number of passengers at once.

Aer Lingus is the anchor tenant at Terminal 2, and they occupy half of the check-in desks. Other airlines departing from this terminal are American Airlines, Delta, Norwegian, Emirates, and United.

For US-bound travellers, Dublin Airport is one of the few airports that offer the facility of US Preclearance (USCBP). All customs and immigration checks can be completed here so that you can simply collect your bags and exit upon reaching the US without waiting in long immigration queues.



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