Irish Music Festivals And Fairs Held In The USA

Published on 2019-04-03
Music fest

The United States is heavily influenced by Irish culture and Irish music festivals in the United States are a great place to embrace and showcase it all.

Irish and Celtic festivals continue to grow in popularity throughout the United States; so much so that the country hosts some of the largest celebrations of Irish culture in the world.

While you’ll even find an Irish festival in Alaska and Hawaii, there are a few in particular that stand out each year.

Milwaukee Irish Festival

Held on Lake Michigan in Henry Maeir Festival Park, the Milwuakee Irish Fest is the largest of its kind in the United States. This festival has been taking place since 1980, celebrating Irish and Celtic music as well as Irish cuisine, sports and dancing.

CelticMKE hosts this event annually in hopes to ‘ignite a love of Irish and Celtic culture’ in people around the world. With over 100, 000 visitors in attendance each year, this festival claims to be the biggest celebration of Irish culture worldwide.

The Milwaukee Irish Festival usually spans over four days where attendees can enjoy over 200 acts on 17 stages. A large variety of musical performances are scheduled throughout the festival to introduce guests to new artists and entertain them with some classics.

Dublin Irish Festival

You don’t have to fly to Dublin, Ireland to take part in the best of Irish culture. Dublin, Ohio’s three-day Irish Festival brings Irish music, sport and craft to over 100, 000 guests. Said to be the largest three-day Irish festival in the world, you’re sure to find the best highlights of Irish culture at Coffman Park.

This festival has boomed in popularity since the ‘80s and is one of the top festivals to attend in the country. Beer and whiskey tasting, cultural workshops, and cooking are all activities available for guests to partake in.

Other unique activities include the Gathering of the Redheads while animal lovers will enjoy the Irish dog breeds showcased at the Celtic Canines event. Holders of the Guinness Record for World’s Largest Irish Dance, the Dublin Irish Festival showcases both modern and traditional Irish music so you’ll have lots to dance to. 

The Great American Irish Festival 

Established as a fundraiser to preserve the Irish culture, the Great American Irish Festival brings Celtic culture to upstate New York.

You’ll find a wide variety of booths with Irish bites and treats, and a few stages to choose from displaying traditional and contemporary Irish performers. A bagpipe competition kicks off the festivities at this three-day festival and if you feel like you’ll miss being surrounded by Irish culture, there will be craft stalls where you can find a fitting souvenir.

What’s great about this three day festival is you can take it all in without having to leave the site. Guests are able to camp on the fairgrounds in Frankfort so you can always stay close to the action.



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