How And Where To Watch Irish Rugby In New York City

Published on 2019-03-28
Rugby stadium

Rugby is a huge part of the Irish culture; it’s no surprise the Ireland National Rugby team is ranked second in the world.

Across the pond in the United States, American football takes the lead as the country’s all-time favorite sport. You’re sure to find American football and other sports like hockey and baseball playing around venues in New York City, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be out of luck for a good rugby match.

New York City is one of the best places to be in the United States if you want to see an Irish rugby game, with a number of options to do so.


The Australian

This bar might be called “The Australian” but it’s a popular spot to catch up on Irish rugby in New York City. Centrally located in Manhattan, this bar caters mostly to sports fans away from home.

They ‘show every sport an expatriate would want’ often keeping their doors open for lively sports in The United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This bar is featured in coverage for the Rugby World Cup, so you know it’s one the best places to be to see a kick-off.


Kent Ale House

Located in trendy Brooklyn, you’re sure to find a rugby game at Kent Ale House since they show just about any game you want. Known as Brooklyn’s home for Rugby, this cosy Irish pub meets hipster hangout has a large menu of craft beer and twelve screens for you to see some action.

Kent Ale House has drink specials during games too - and no matter when you go, you’ll be be gifted with a view of the Manhattan skyline.


The Long Hall

This Irish owned pub is another favourite in New York City for watching Irish rugby. With a selection of Irish groceries and fresh Irish breakfast, this bar brings Ireland to the heart of Manhattan, bringing rugby along with it too.

Popular with expats and visitors, The Long Hall features Irish rugby games on their 12 screens and 8-foot television, and has a delicious menu of Irish-American dishes to indulge in.


Pig n’ Whistle on 36th

This bar conveniently located in New York’s Midtown is claimed to be the city’s go-to pub ‘for all things rugby’. Not only do they feature rugby news on their website, but you can expect to see a number of Irish rugby games at NYC’s premier rugby bar.

Enjoy a game and pick a snack off their menu carrying classic Irish-American pub grub. And afterwards, you can hang around for some live Celtic music to celebrate a victory.


Stream Irish Rugby from Anywhere

One of the benefits of living in the internet age is having access to local live television from a variety of places around the world. If you rather avoid the bar scene, you can stream the event live in whatever comfortable space you choose.

Sports streaming services like NBC Sports Gold and ESPN+ gives access to rugby games for a subscription price in the United States. You usually won’t be able to access UK rugby streaming while abroad, but geo-restrictions can be bypassed by using a VPN.



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