Form I-94 and I-94W (Arrival/Departure Forms)

Published on 2019-03-09

Visitors arriving via air or sea

Travellers to the United States arriving via air or sea no longer need to complete the I-94 arrival/departure form and I-94W Nonimmigration Visa Waiver arrival/departure form. Any travellers that have to provide their legal-visitor status to government agencies, schools/universities or employers can now access their information online. The Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) collects travelers’ arrival and departure information automatically from their electronic travel documents. This automation streamlines the entry process for travelers, facilitates security and reduces federal costs.

Visitors arriving via land borders

Advance information is only transmitted for visitors to the United States via air or sea, which means that visitors arriving via land borders still need to complete a I-94 paper form.

Retrieve form I-94 online

If a traveller needs his or her I-94 records to verify immigration status or employment authorization, or other purposes where the I-94 information is needed, they are recommended to retrieve their I-94 number online.

Arrival and departure

A CBP officer stamps each travel document upon arrival. The stamp includes the admission date, the class of admission, and the end date of admittance. It is possible to request a paper form I-94 during the inspection process if needed (such requests will be accommodated in a secondary setting).

Upon departure from the U.S., travelers previously issued a paper form I-94 should surrender it to the airline, cruise ship carrier or to CBP. Otherwise, CBP will record the departure electronically via manifest information provided by the carrier or by CBP.



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