What To Know When Going Through Dublin Airport Security

Published on 2019-04-16

Dublin Airport is the busiest airport in Ireland and the thirteenth busiest airport in the European Union. With millions of travellers passing through the Dublin Airport each year, it’s beneficial to know what to expect.

No matter which airport you fly through, you can’t get on your flight without going through security. There are some things to remember when going through Dublin Airport Security to make the process smooth, quick and painless.


Watch Your Liquids

Having your liquids organized before going through Dublin airport security will save from frustration and delays.

Liquids include items that fall under drinks, toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste), and make-up. All liquids are to be kept in 100ml containers placed in a large one-litre transparent bag. The same goes for gels, creams, and aerosols.

Exceptions to this liquid rule include baby food, medication, and special dietary requirements. Items purchased after security screening are also exempt from this rule.

When you arrive at the Dublin airport security line, be sure to keep this bag separate from your baggage for easy screening.


Be Prepared at The Dublin Airport Security Line

Along with your liquids, airport security will ask that you remove other items from your baggage during security screening to further move the process along.

When you arrive at security, remove your laptop and other large electronic devices from your baggage and place them in a tray along with your jacket. You can leave your phone and other small items like loose change in your jacket as well.

If you are using a walking aid like a wheelchair or crutches, expect them to be thoroughly hand expected when going through airport security.


Don’t Pack These Prohibited Items

Whether you’re checking your luggage before security check, or bringing your carry-on with you, there are, of course, certain things that you shouldn’t pack. Most of these items include weaponry like firearms and explosives, but there are less obvious things to watch for as well.

Be careful of sharp items like scissors or pocket knives in your luggage. Knives or scissors longer than 6cm will not be permitted through airport security, neither will tools that include a blade or shaft over 6cm (this includes screwdrivers).

While liquids are allowed, items like mace and pepper sprays will not be allowed.


The Metal Detector Process

Once your baggage is all set to be screened, you’ll be required to go through your own screening via a metal detector.

Pay attention to the guard in charge to ensure things keep moving smoothly and approach the metal detector when directed.

If you’ve forgotten to remove a metal item from your person before going through the metal detector, an alarm will sound. From here you’ll be asked to remove remaining metal items and go through the detector again or go through a body search.


Be Prepared for a Manual Follow-Up

In the event that something in your hand luggage cannot be identified, your bag will be required to go through manual screening.

This means that airport security will hand-search your bag and you may be required to identify anything that seems suspicious.

Security will also ask you to remove any items (liquids, electronics, etc.) that haven’t been removed so they can rescreen them.



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