Coming To America? The Best USA Travel Tips For Irish Citizens

Published on 2019-05-24
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Are you someone who is wishing to travel abroad? Travelling abroad is an exciting adventure. You get the opportunity to experience different countries outside of Ireland and embrace different ways of life.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or starting out on your travelling journey, these experiences are sure to be rewarding.  If you have been dreaming of taking a holiday to visit the United States, it’s important to go over a few things before planning your trip. Keep reading for our list of USA travel tips to ensure your trip is a breeze!


Before you travel, you’ll want to make sure your passport is up to date. You’ll need to have an updated passport to obtain entry to the United States.

You may have seen that the US Department of Homeland Security issued a notice about requiring an electronic passport, but don’t worry. All Irish passports issued after October 2006 are considered electronic. You’ll also want to make sure you keep your passport on you at all times while inside of the U.S since Federal law requires it.


Ireland is on the list of countries under the Visa Waiver Program meaning that as long as your stay is under 90 days no Visa is required. However, you still must apply for the electronic system for travel authorization (ESTA) before your visit.

This system is web-based, meaning you can complete it all online in a few minutes. Technically, applications have to be submitted no later than 72 hours before travel, but we recommend doing it at least two weeks in advance to be sure.

The application will cost you between $14-90 and you’ll find out the results almost instantly. Click here to learn how to apply for your ESTA. 


In most places, international credit cards are the easiest and safest way to carry your money. Your bank, however, will charge you small fees for converting currency so you may wish to call ahead and get that exact information.

We also suggest that you look into converting some of your money into U.S currency to help pay for small transactions or just in case you need it. You can use your card at a local ATM, but there will also be fees applied which are typically higher than the ones your bank charges you.

The most widely accepted international cards are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Get Familiar With Your Destination

More USA travel tips we suggest are things like considering the time difference and local weather patterns of the area you’re travelling to. This will help make your trip planning a lot smoother.

Depending on where in the U.S you’re planning on heading to, the time difference will range from 5 to 8 hours behind Ireland. The climate within the U.S can also vary drastically from state to state and the time of year you're travelling. Do your research beforehand to ensure you bring the proper clothing.

Following USA Travel Tips

There are many tips and tricks to travelling abroad. It's always important to check into specific laws of the country you’re travelling to that way you know you have all of the documentation needed.

This list of USA travel tips covers the basics, but it never hurts to contact a travel agent at your local embassy to answer any more questions you may have. For more information about how to register for ESTA visit our homepage.



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