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Entry Requirements To The U.S. For Irish Citizens

Published on 2019-04-01 Check-in sign

All Irish adults and children must possess a machine-readable passport to qualify for the Visa Waiver Program while traveling to USA.



How Irish Culture Influenced The American Way Of Life

Published on 2019-03-29 Irish girls celebrating St. Patrick's Day

The Great Hunger in Ireland between 1845 and 1849 lead to the emigration of a huge number of Irish immigrants to America, and nothing is much more obvious than how America celebrates St. Patrick’s Day which is held on March 17, annually.


How And Where To Watch Irish Rugby In New York City

Published on 2019-03-28 Rugby stadium

Rugby is a huge part of the Irish culture; it’s no surprise the Ireland National Rugby team is ranked second in the world.


Top Cities To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In The U.S.

Published on 2019-03-27 St. Patricks Day Chicago River

With more than 35 million Americans reporting Irish heritage, it’s no wonder that St. Patrick’s Day is a huge national event in cities across the nation.


Useful Information About Dublin Airport

Published on 2019-03-26 Car driving to Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is a modern, sleek airport with hundreds of national and international flights daily. The airport has expanded massively over the past few years and as such the facilities, services and procedures have developed year-on-year.


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