5 Irish Landmarks To Visit In New York, USA

Published on 2019-03-18
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New York is a culture-clash with pieces from around the world coming together to create the bustling city we know today. Irish culture, specifically, plays a huge impact on the Big Apple with historical ties dating as far back as the 19th century.

Irish culture in New York goes way beyond St. Patrick’s Day parades and pubs. In fact, it won’t be hard to find notes of Ireland’s rich history sprinkled all over the city. From theatres to an entire island, you can see it all in New York.






  1. Ellis Island

Ellis Island was the first stop for millions of Irish immigrants headed to the US, so naturally, it’s the first landmark on this list. Sitting right across from the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island served as the busiest immigration inspection station in the United States.

As a matter of fact, the first immigrant to land on the island was from Ireland, stamping the country into American history.

Visitors to the island can search the “Wall of Honor” featuring over 700, 000 inscripted names, or stroll the 90-minute tour to walk in the footsteps of American immigrants.


  1. Irish Hunger Memorial

The Great Famine of Ireland is what led so many Irish citizens to take haven in New York City, and the Irish Hunger Memorial serves to continue to tell the story.

Located on a half acre park in Battery Park City, this humbling and serene outdoor garden displays stories, facts, and poems all in relation to the Great Famine.

The garden takes inspiration from the Irish landscape, hosting Irish stones and flora throughout the park.


  1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

One of New York’s most prominent and important landmarks is said to be built by Irish influence, named after the patron saint of Ireland. It now stands across from the Rockefeller Center, as the largest Neo-Gothic Catholic church in North America.

This cathedral includes over 3,500 stained glass panels and a 9,000-pound bronze door; standing tall in Midtown, you can explore the adorned, fame church by yourself or on a tour.


  1. Irish Repertory Theatre

Broadway isn’t the only theatre highlight in New York City, the Irish Repertory Theatre is a hotspot for Irish and Irish-American performances.

Owned by Ciaran O’Reilly from Ireland, and Charlotte Moore of Irish immigrants, this award-winning theatre company is dedicated to producing entertaining productions with an emphasis on the Irish culture.

This theatre opened its doors in 1988 and have been attracting tens of thousands of attendees each year!


  1. McSoreley’s Old Ale House

Irish pubs are no rarity in most cities, especially New York; but this one in particular is the city’s oldest and most important. Sitting in the heart of Manhattan McSoreley’s has been standing since 1854, the watering hole to local Irish workers, owned by an 18-year old Irish immigrant.

Visitors to McSoreley’s can still take a walk-through time today and enjoy a simple beverage in a historic setting. Guests will have the choice of light or dark ale, and an option of seats accompanied by sawdust to really bring the experience together.


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