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Irish-American Heritage - The Story Of Irish Emigration To The U.S.

Published on 2019-03-20

Guinness beer, St. Patrick’s Day, Celtic music and great pubs are just a few of the cultural treats the Irish brought with them when they migrated to the U.S. in droves back in the mid nineteenth-century.

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Irish Embassies And Consulates In The United States

Published on 2019-03-18

If you’re an Irish who’s currently living in the United States, learn where the Irish Embassy & Consulate is located, how to get there and what time they usually open.

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5 Irish Landmarks To Visit In New York, USA

Published on 2019-03-18

New York is a culture-clash with pieces from around the world coming together to create the bustling city we know today. Irish culture, specifically, plays a huge impact on the Big Apple with historical ties dating as far back as the 19th century.

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What To Pack For Travel To The United States

Published on 2019-03-11 What to pack for travel to the united states

It’s no surprise that the United States of America is a popular destination for citizens from around the globe, though knowing what to pack will ensure you make the most out of your stay in America.

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The United States Embassy in Ireland, Dublin

Published on 2019-03-10 Ireland - Dublin Bridge

With its official address at 42 Elgin Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, The Embassy of the United States of America is the U.S. diplomatic mission to the host country of Ireland.

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Form I-94 and I-94W (Arrival/Departure Forms)

Published on 2019-03-09 i94

Travellers to the United States arriving via air or sea no longer need to complete the I-94 arrival/departure form and I-94W Nonimmigration Visa Waiver arrival/departure form.

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