How Much Is An ESTA Visa From Ireland?

The cost of an accepted ESTA visa can vary between $14 to $90 (depending on service used) paid by credit card during the online application process. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Discover, JCB and Diners Club are currently the most common forms of payment accepted.

Travel documents like the ESTA visa can be confusing. You need to know where to get them, if there are charges, and if you really need it to begin with. For many citizens of Ireland, travelling to the United States means an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is required. The ESTA visa is not really a visa (only referred to as a visa by many travellers) but is a security protocol enforced by the US government.

Group applications are accepted and up to 50 applications can be processed under one payment. Applicants have seven days to make ESTA payments and will not be able to access their application if payment isn’t made during this time.

There are third-party companies who sell the ESTA at a different price than advertised on the official website. In these cases, the prices may vary from $14-90. Third-party companies normally provide added services such as double-check of all information submitted, email delivery of ESTA in PDF format, 24/7 customer service and money-back guarantee should applications be denied.


Who Qualifies for ESTA?

Citizens of countries that fall under the United States Visa-Waiver program qualify for the ESTA. These countries include for example Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Those looking to be a granted an ESTA must have a valid passport, must not already have a visitor’s visa and must have an internet connection to apply for the ESTA online. Those in need of an ESTA should apply at least 72 hours before travel to the United States.

Those with a criminal record, who have been refused entry to the US, or have been deported may not apply for the ESTA.