How Does The CBP Notify Travellers About ESTA Changes?



Is there currently a protocol for informing current ESTA holders of any new changes or requirements to prevent misunderstandings and complications?

In a continued effort to keep the public updated on any changes, the CBP continues to work with the Departments of State and Commerce. These officials post new information about changes and updates on their websites, www.cbp.gov and travel.state.gov. Check out the FAQ for updated information.

It is essential for all travellers to the USA to have either a current visa or ESTA authorisation before making plans. If you already hold an ESTA, you should check it is still valid prior to travelling by verifying it online at esta.cbp.dhs.gov.


How does the CBP notify travellers about changes to ESTA?

Currently, any changes to the ESTA application process are communicated via the CBP website at www.cbp.gov. You should check for any changes to ESTA before making any new travel plans. If you hold an ESTA and the status has changed due to new requirements, CBP will attempt to contact you at the email address provided on your original ESTA application. However, all travellers are advised to confirm the status of their ESTA and update their contact information before travelling to the USA.

Other places that are record any changes to ESTA are through the Federal Register and as public comment under the Paperwork Reduction Act. More details can be found at reginfo.gov under OMB Control Number 1651-0111. Whenever there is a change to a form, travellers are invited to give feedback to the CBP during the public comment periods that are required with any change to the form. The DHS will also notify the public before any changes to the ESTA application are implemented through an update to the ESTA SORN and Privacy Impact Assessment.