ESTA Update

If you already have an approved ESTA, but you need to update the information; then we can help you. After you have made payment for an ESTA application and received it via email, you can only update two sections. It is important to keep your ESTA up to date because of strict US immigration. Previously it was possible to update several sections; however, now it is only possible to update your email address and your destination address in the United States. If you wish to receive your updated ESTA via email, it is vital that the email works and is written correctly.

How do I make an ESTA Update?

To make an ESTA update, you will have to enter the form by clicking the green button. You can only update the following sections:

  • Email Address
  • Address in the U.S. (can be a hotel, hostel, name of cruise ship etc.)

If any of the above information has changed since you applied and received your ESTA, then please feel free to update your ESTA by clicking on the button below. Be sure to complete all fields required as we need to locate the information of your current ESTA to be able to make the update. Your updated version will be emailed to you in PDF format. Take note that the US government does not send out emails with ESTAs attached in PDF format. This is a convenient extra service provided by third-party companies so that you can print it and bring it with you on your travels.







What if I need to Update More Information?

You can only update certain information on your existing ESTA. The ESTA is an authorisation for travel to the U.S., and if any information has changed related to your personal information, you may need to apply for a new travel authorisation. It is essential that all information is correct. Be sure to cross-reference your current travel authorisation with the bullet points below to know if you need to re-apply:

  • Have you obtained a new passport?
  • Have you changed your name?
  • Have you changed your gender?
  • Have you changed your country of citizenship?
  • Have you changed the country where you live?
  • Have you changed your response to any of the eight mandatory questions you answered when applying?

Whenever the above information changes and you wish to visit the USA under the Visa Waiver Program, you will have to apply for a new travel authorisation. If only your email address and address in the United States have changed, then you can make an update to your current travel authorisation.

You may visit our FAQ page If you have any other questions related to ESTA or the VWP.


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