ESTA Update

If you have already applied for an ESTA Visa and you need to update the information - we can help you. After you have made payment for an ESTA application process and received an ESTA Visa, you can only update the two following sections:

  • Email Address
  • Address in the U.S. (can be a hotel, hostel, name of cruise ship etc.)

If any of the above information has changed since you applied and received your ESTA Visa, then please feel free to update your ESTA Visa by clicking on the button below.
Be sure to complete all fields required as we need to locate the information of your current ESTA Visa to be able to make the update.







What if I need to Update More Information?

If anything else than your email address or address in the U.S. has changed since you last applied for an ESTA Visa. You need to re-apply to receive a new ESTA Visa before you travel to the United States of America. Be sure to cross-reference your current ESTA Visa with the below points and re-apply if any of the information about you has changed since you obtained your previous ESTA Visa.

  • Have you obtained a new passport?
  • Have you changed your name?
  • Have you changed your gender?
  • Have you changed your country of citizenship?
  • Have you changed the country where you live?
  • Have you changed your response to any of the eight mandatory questions you answered when applying?

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